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R4iSDHC White Dual Core

R4iSDHC White Dual Core

- Item No:A-NDSi-20B
- Retail Price: USD -


      2017 R4ISDHC Dual-Core kernel Support 3DS V11.2.0-35


R4i Dual core 3DS Functionality:

-Double game engines
-Main game engine and assistant game engine help one another
-For improving the game compatibility
-Real time save function
-Real time save function that when playing game you can store current game status
-And you can continue play game when you play again,not need play from start
-Real Time Game Guide
-With the beautiful and small font so that could display more on the screen. Supports picture guide, -then you won't lose your way in a deep maze
-Full-featured upgrade cheat function
-Use .dat cheat format,and user can download easily
-Convenient file-operate function
-Delete your dislike game files online and game save file can back up online,not need depend on -the “QUICK” button
-WI-FI upgrage
-Update the game kernel by wifi , Not pull out the tf card any more
-The main menu interface to facilitate
-ICONS of game,music(movie),intenet.e-mail,MSN.WIFI-UPGRADE,PHONE display on the main screen, operation is very convenient.

R4i Dual core 3DS Package Includes:

  • 1 x 2016 R4i SDHC Dual Core Card
  • 1 x USB microSD memory card reader / writer
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