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PS3 slim USB HUB

PS3 slim USB HUB

- Item No:A-PS3-68
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PS3 slim USB HUB

This product is dedicated to expand the USB port of the PS3-Slim console and also enhance its card reader functions. It looks exquisite and is quite convenient to use. Just insert two USB plug into the corresponding USB interface of the console, and then you can use it. In addition, when playing games, you can insert and charge four original controllers simultaneously. (The total current cannot exceed 500MA.) Also, you can insert the SD card into the SD interface to use on the PS3-Slim console. It is very easy, convenient and indeed a necessity for gamers.
1.First ensure that PS3-Slim console is powered off.
2.Insert the PS3-Slim USB HUB into the USB port of the console, and the buckle position is upward, press it gently and pull outward when removing it.
3.When using the PS3 wired controller, please give priority to use the USB1 interface.
4.More than one can play games together at the same time when placing disc to enter the game.
5.When using the SD card reader, you can store the file inside the SD card into the PS3-Slim console, also you can copy the file into the SD card.
6.Input voltage: DC5V
7.No load current:110MA
8.Dimensions: 75*30*25MM
9.Shell material: ABS
10.Net weight:40g
1.Make sure that insert the product into the USB interface of PS3-Slim console correctly.
2.Please remove the product when it needs cleaning.
3.Do not leave the product in humid conditions.
4.Do not lay heavy objects on the product.
5.Please stop using the product if it should break.
6.Do not use any heat to dry the product.
7.When using the product, it is compatible with most PS3 assembly wired controller; when the controller doesn't work normally, please give priority to use USB1 interface, then USB2, USB3, USB4 one by one.
8.When using the PS3 wired controller, the total Max work current of the USB2, USB3 and USB4 interface is 500MA, otherwise it won't work normally in the case of over current.
9. Please note that apart from the USB1 port, you cannot insert the 2.4G wireless Products into the USB2, USB3, and USB4 port to use on the product

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